UQ Usability Laboratory


If you're not driving, you can get to the UQ St Lucia campus and the UQUL via the CityCat ferry. View and download CityCat timetables and maps.

Finding our building

The UQUL is located on Level 1 of the McElwain Building, which is building 24A (School of Psychology) on this general interactive map of the UQ St Lucia campus in Brisbane (you can also zoom in and out on the map to find our general vicinity). You can also find us at J6 on this UQ Parking Map.

The UQUL area is room MC136 through room MC144 on the diagram below.

Finding a park

A map of the parking areas of the university is at the UQ Parking Map and the McElwain Building is at the J6 intersection. If you are a visitor using a UQ Parking-issued scratchie, then you can park anywhere except in the light blue and white striped areas.

If you don't have a scratchie, then there is long-term hourly-fee casual parking on Blair Drive (I5 to J4), along Macgregor Drive (H2 to L4), and under the UQ Centre (K6/L6).

Finding our laboratory and our local conference room

Look at the diagram below. If you enter the McElwain Building from the car park outside (ie, from the top right of the diagram, which is approximately the north side), you will be where the red marks and "1197" are on the diagram below, which is the McElwain Building Level 1 Foyer. You would see a view something like the photograph below.

  • Finding the UQUL (MC136). Turn left at the pillar (which is left in the photo and downwards to right in the diagram) and walk along the corridor to MC136, which is the main office of the UQUL. If the glass entrance door to the UQUL is shut, knock on it and someone will collect you. The Cognitive Engineering Research Group (CERG) is housed within the UQUL.
  • Finding the conference room (MS109). Turn right at the pillar (right in the photo) and find MC109 a few steps down the corridor, on the left side.
  • Finding Penny Sanderson's office (MC123). Turn right at the pillar (right in the photo) and locate MC123 a few steps down the corridor, on the right side.