UQ Usability Laboratory

View from control room into the two test rooms. Test room ceilings carry dome cameras with remote pan-tilt-zoom-focus which can be positioned in any of 11 locations. Consultants can run sessions independently on each side. Alternatively, consultants can watch participants collaborate "remotely" across the two test rooms.

Welcome to UQ Usability Laboratory (UQUL)

A state-of-the-art facility for user-centered design and evaluation

The University of Queensland Usability Laboratory (UQUL) hosts the research of the Cognitive Engineering Research Group.

On this website we describe the UQUL itself as well as some of the equipment we use in our research --- both UQUL equipment and more specialised CERG equipment.

In 2009 and in 2012 we received funding from UQ's Major Equipment Infrastructure fund to perform a major upgrade of the UQUL equipment and also to equip the laboratory with portable units for AV recordings in field environments. In 2016 the UQUL used its portable equipment to support a major simulation study at Princess Alexandra Hospital.

See photos of our first industry Short Course in 2004, which was delivered to the Australia Taxation Office. We covered all aspects of user-centred design, including user testing of prototypes in the UQUL. This was the first of many collaborative uses of the UQUL facility.

Download the UQ Usability Laboratory Brochure and Poster. (Please note that we are not currently supporting commercial usability work in the UQUL.)

User testing session in progress. For commercial work a consultant-facilitator usually remains in the test room with the participant. Test rooms have been configured as office workstations, industrial control rooms, anesthesia workstations, command and control posts, and maintenance workshops, amongst other uses.